Who are Andy and Sara?

Sara and AndySara and I first met 20 years ago in the fifth grade. Today she works in Human Resources for a large research and development firm and I’m in sales with a restaurant supply company. Our friendship may span some two decades, but we’ve had more lapses than a coma patient. She had to go to the religious high school and I went to the local one and in college where we found each other again, I stood her up for some yoga thing. Years later and thanks to FB, we renewed our friendship. Our friendship is full of sarcasm and witty banter. That coupled with our love of fine food is why we decided to create this blog. The reviews here will be clever and brutally honest and we hope that you will find this fun and informative. But hey, we’re not experts! This is just for fun!! And remember to leave any thoughts you have in the comment section.


One response to “Who are Andy and Sara?

  1. Haven’t seen anything for 2011…hoping you guys still go out to eat! Or maybe you just gave up on the Bangor restaurants…either way…miss your videos!!

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